Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Didnt get to run on friday, couldnt get out of bed .Didnt get to run on saturday ,but got stuck in traffic on my way to a rugby tournament at the British international school in Lekki . Spent an hour on Tiamiyu Savage street, decided to get an okada ,couldnt find one, ended up walking all the way to Zenith bank on Ajose Adeogun before we got one .
This city is really to small for cars it took us no time to walk,and we saw half the people we know stuck in traffic , even the okada ride was perfunctory we were already 500 meters from our destination by the time we got on .

Racing rugby club continued their rivalry with Eko rugby club with Racing winning the tournament . As a supporter of Racing i had to join in the celebrations and so couldnt run on sunday. Thankfully Arsenal won...... at last, and i managed to see 'A game of wit' a play by the talented Ita Hozaife ,starring Iyabo Amoke amongst others at Terra culture which but me in a good mood and meant i had a good night sleep, and no excuses ,so yes i got to run on monday 'Which was nice' so i am at least back on track if not up to speed .
With the new style of running i cant seem to make up the time which is really annoying , you push your self as hard as you can , get home shattered , check you time , and you are no where near where you expect to be.
I have ditched all hi tech gimmicks and gone back to the purist way of running : no ipod, no watch, no pedometer,No back pack, no nothing just me myself and i . This is truly the best way to run , in this busy world we rarely have time to declutter to meditate to clear our minds , i run using the Lords prayer and the Psalm 23 as mantras to be repeated continually , it works for me . The Natural high is not bad also , its a great way to start your day .
My mind as been filled with morbid thoughts for some strange reason , I dont get religon we profess to want to be closer to God and sit by his side in paradise and yet we pray not to die obviously this is hypocritcal but hey thats life .
Harmattan is back this is the worse season for me, i hate the dust and the white skys , But i love the birds they are back and that is so cool ; the humming birds the king fishers the horn bills , the cranes , its fantastic; i am sure the mallards and other ducks will be here soon its great seeing them in the mornings one of the joys of running ,although if you have a garden you can probably spot the humming birds all day, there are also the jetBlue birds with the white eyes i wonder what they are called ? We got to work on monday and there was a huge OWL up in the rafters ;cool.
I ran on tuesday as wellfor speed training , and got a leg rub using some linament called LOCO ..... If you were not when you started, you will be by the end , No kidding my legs were on fire , it may have worked, but i will never know cause i think i have burnt all nerve endings and this is the end of this post .


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