Friday, November 24, 2006

16 km
O boy, it hasnt been easy. Breaking the 14km barrier was probably the hardest , this was were i faltered and did the walk of shame back yonder in october well we finally crested the wave but not without a fight .
The first try a week ago ,saw me give up 500metres from my house only to have to start 50 meters later when my Kids drove by; 'there is nothing to be gained by them thinking i am less than super human ' On sunday as we drove past Bar Beach and Silverbird galleria, the butterflies but on their kilts and danced a little jig in my stomach, as i regurgitated the memory of what once was .On monday i ran a full 14km with a bit on top "which was nice'
Speed training went ok, but on thursday i convinced myself that my legs needed a bit more rest, a totally reasonable supposition at 5.20 am but left me feeling rather edgy all day. You never know with running if you have over done it or not , like i said earlier... its the mind you have to watch out for, it completely takes over, and comes up with excuses : as we all know "its mind over matter" .To be able to run the race i have to have ran at least 18km especially because of the injury and the new style of running i can't take any chances ,i have been to runners hell and back , i am not going there again .So it was with trepidation that i faced the night , all week long i have had to abstain from booze ,i am no alcoholic but a week is a bloody long time to go with out a drink . It was also my son's birthday on thursday and i was sure i was going to have to have a celebratory glass of wine ,jug of beer ,vat of whiskey....who could tell , all i knew was I didnt run in the morning cause my mind said my legs were too tired to run . So when i found myself in bed by ten it was with a wry smile, which would broaden to a grin when i got up and out of bed at 5.20 am and would turn to an exhausted hallelujah when i completed the 16 km with the bit on top .

I shall attempt the 18 km on monday , my injury keeps niggling me but hopefully i shall overcome , if i am able to do this i should be able to run the race . Running long distances really takes its toll on the mind , you cant even look up for fear of stalling and you do run out of things to think about or prayers to say after about 12 km followed by boredom then delirium and then boredom again this is when injury takes place , I keep on thinking about the charity i run for and how lucky i am to have my health and wealth in such a hard place .
I have run the same route for four years now with little change happening along the route, the roads are still bad ,still not enough people cleaning it. Props go out to the cleaning ladies ,always there, always cheerful . To effect change you have to participate, you have to engage your self in society, love the land you live in. Thats what lagosstar is all about my affair with this slapper of a town , and its only just begun to find out more sign up


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