Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ran the 18k this morning and fell flat on my face at about 11km which happens to be quite a popular intersection , o well, the great thing about falling is ; he that is down need fear no fall ....
besides the new way of running as prescribed by all the professionals is to run on your toes falling along so to speak .

I have been limping all day long at work and i think people are placing wagers on wether i shall run or not the odds are against ,i may join in the wager on the sly and see if i can increase the money i raise through foul means as well as fair.

The limp is due to a strained achilles tendon,an injury i picked up on friday , i am at a loss what to do i have to keep walking its an intrinsic part of my job; so i cant take the weight of it .I was a bit dissapointed that the strain hadnt left, and i hoped to be able to shake it of this morning but i am afraid i may have aggravated the case .

I doubt i shall be able to update the blog before the race so i shall see you at the other side hopefully by then i would have recovered from injury ran the race and raised a truck load of money and also lost a toe nail which is half way off right now, but i am just not man enough to rip it off.

what i would really like is a can of the spray used on athlethes especially footballers.

the mtn lagos half marathon takes place on sartuday the 2nd of dec 2006



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