Monday, June 01, 2009

My people have a saying ;
" the father of a child is the father of all children "
This is the first of many blogs on my letters to my children .
4 years ago i created a now defunct website called lagosstar with the main intention of providing information on the city I come from Lagos Nigeria .It was meant to be a link between the city and people who visited ,providing you with your basic 6 degrees of seperation
In researching articles for the publication ,I became deeply interested in the history of my people and aware of the geography of the place .
Lagos is a town built around islands set in a series of lagoons and is therefore very beautiful although in its chaotic pace few people get the chance to stop and admire the city
Its history is based on the constant influx of foreigners through the years and the cultural impact this has had on the people.
Going through the Tate Modern i came across a painting by Asger Jorn titled "letter to my children"
And shortly after that ,while battling jet lag in Los Angeles i had a dream which developed into the story which i decided to write as a letter to my son .
Moyo's Tale
It tells the story of a young boy and his friends who meet a man called Olotu and find a portal in the ports near where they live .They travel back in time and fix a lot of wrongs that have happened For example the slave trade . And in doing this transform their present life ,the main point is to show my sons and daughters what a different life we could all have if we chose to care , to be brave and considerate , it tackles everything from slave trade to recycling to pollution and resource control ,while giving the reader a quick history of the world with sometime in 1422 as the pivotal date when the portal was first established , we learn from the point of view of a twelve year old boy standing somewhere on the coast of west Africa what happened from the ice age to 1986 the year in which the book is set .

The book has its origin in scifi and watching Startrek with my son i realised i have inadvertently written a prequel to just about every scifi movie i saw as a kid , which is cool !

A lot of information about the book research etc have been uploaded to scribd see link and i shall be twitting about it , the information on scribd is delibrately not edited and requires a great deal of patience , i shall be uploading on to scribd edited versions which can be accessed with permission .

I look forward to the challenge of learning how to write , while telling my tale , which i hope will help make the world a better place for my children .